The Best Foam Gun Car Wash

Foam guns, foam cannons, and foam lances have been gaining popularity recently. There’s a reason why. Car wash foam, sometimes called snowfoam, does an amazing job as a pre-cleaner before washing your car. The foam lifts up dirt and grime, making it easier to wash plus lessening the chances of swirl marks and scratches. These special foam cannon sprayers are the best way to apply quality foam to your car. The best foam gun car wash is MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon. It’s a heavy duty foam blaster and made with solid brass fittings, easy to use, and produces quality foaming action.

The best foam cannon attachments require a pressure washer. There are a few foam products on the market that attach to a garden hose. We’re not too impressed with their foaming action, and recommend only foam guns that attach to pressure washers.

The Best Foam Gun & Reviews

1 – MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

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MATCC’s attachment performs great and it’s ideal for both car pros and beginners. The foaming action is consistent and smooth. It’s also extremely easy to use, having a ¼” quick connector. Connect to your pressure washer wand in a few seconds. It’s easy to dial in your preferred foam thickness with the mixture knob. It’s very durable as well. Given it’s made from solid brass, it’s a heavy duty foam beast!

2 – DUSICHIN DUS-007 Snow Foam Lance Foam Cannon

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If you want a foam party, check out the DUSICHIN Foam Cannon. It’s one of the most popular foam guns online. We found the foam to be fairly thick and the 33oz bottle is large enough to handle full size trucks and SUVs. It also connects via a ¼” quick connector and most fittings are made from brass. This one is a solid choice as well.

3 – Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

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Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder how much foam you’ve got! Don’t let the name fool you, it get the job done, and more. Foam coverage is good, but slightly less thick than our top pick. It also comes with a quick connector plus brass fittings. This Twinkle model stands out given the included pressure washer attachments. If you’re needing a few more pressure washer tips, this one is a great bang for your buck.

What is a Foam Gun Car Wash?

A foam gun, also called a foam cannon or lance, is a special spray attachment. The bottle holds the foam cannon soap, while the connector attaches to a pressure washer. On most models, there’s also a knob to control the mixture of the soap. Water flows from the pressure washer into the valve, while soap is drawn upwards. The added pressure, along with special fittings within the connector, aerates the liquid to create luscious foam.

The foam itself can be thick or more runny. Don’t focus too much on thickness as it doesn’t always equate to better cleaning power.

Why use a Foam Gun?

Adding a snow foam car wash to your routine is a great way to keep your paint as scratch-free as possible. Once applied, the foam quickly loosens dust and dirt. Most soaps are designed to break up as much dirt as possible. This helps prevent added swirl marks and scratches once you follow-up with a hand wash to remove the rest of the dirt.

All cars can benefit from the foaming action. If your car is new, the foam process helps keep your paint fresh and new. For those with older rides with lackluster paint, first work to fully polish your ride to restore its beauty. After you’ve taken those steps, start using foam help keep your car’s finish pristine.

How to use a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun?

First, be sure to review the instructions for your specific foam gun. The most common steps begin with filling the bottle reservoir with water and soap. Once filled, screw the bottle back onto the fitting and attach to the pressure washer.

Next, start up your pressure washer and press the handle. Foam will begin to spray from the nozzle. Be sure to adjust the mixture with the knob, if present. Begin to coat your car from the top down, starting with the roof.

Once your car is fully coated in foam, let it rest for 5-6 minutes. This will give the foam time to break up the dirt and grime, making it easier to wash.

After the 5-6 minutes are up, you have several options. If you want the least chance of swirl marks, simply rinse your car with the pressure washer. You remove most of the dirt, but not 100%.

We recommend hand washing after the foam has settled. Using the two bucket method and a clean washing mitt, carefully remove the last bit of dirt.


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