The Best Wall Mount Garage Vacuum

The Auto Care Geeks recently tested over 10 wall mounted garage vacuums, looking for the best suction, versatility, and included accessories. Our choices below passed our rigorous tests and are perfect for any garage needing an upgrade.

Is your garage filled with constant dust and dirt? A wall mount garage vacuum is extremely versatile and designed to quickly and easily suck dirt and debris. They’re also called wall mounted shop vacs or garage vacs. Commercial wall mount vacuums can help you deep clean your car’s interior, leftover sawdust from wood furniture projects, the garage floor itself, and so much more.

Our comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know. Keep reading to discover the best wall mount garage vacuums, top models, key features and designs, and more.

The Top 4 Best Wall Mount Garage Vacuums

1 – BISSELL 18P03 Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Vac

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Our top pick, the BISSELL 18P03, is an absolute beast. With a 32 ft hose, it’s able to reach the far corners of your garage. It’s a wet/dry vac, ready to suck up liquids and dry debris safely. It also converts to a blower if needed.

The 4-gallon tank holds a ton of dirt, plus, there’s a 2 stage filtration system to tackle harsh allergens and pollen. You’ll also get a complete wall mounting kit, a 5 ft power cord, and seven quick attachments.

2 – VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum

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If you need extra power and a massive 50 ft hose, check out the VacuMaid GV50PRO. It’s 5.7” Ametek Lamb electric motor produced the highest air watts tested. With a 7-gallon capacity tank, you’ll rarely need to empty the canister under regular use.

This model includes four cleaning attachments, plus a complete hose management system.

The only con with this VacuMaid model is the lack of a combined wet/dry vac feature. It’s for dry use only.

3 – VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

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The GV30 has all the same power as the GV50PRO, with a lighter price tag. With a 30 ft hose, you’ll still have plenty of room to navigate around your garage. It also has a 7-gallon tank and HEPA filtration. It also comes with plenty of attachments like floor and crevice tools.

The GV30 also comes with a 5 yr warranty, vital if you’ll be using this commercial wall mount vac daily.

4 – GarageVac GH120-E Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum

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GarageVac's GH120-E is a great compact choice and an alternative to larger canister models. Only a small 2.5 ft of wall space is needed. Its 1.3HP motor creates powerful suction, more than enough for everyday use.

Our favorite features include the massive 40 ft hose, along with 4+ useful attachments that are easily organized onboard the main unit.

What is a Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum?

Stationary and powerful garage-based vacs are typically called garage vacuums. Many units can be mounted to garage walls, keeping things organized and out of the way. Most use these vacuums are used for everyday car cleaning, garage clean-ups, and more. They’re an awesome choice if you’re looking for more power and sick of dragging out your old standup household vacuum.

Benefits of Wall Mount Garage Vacuum Cleaners

If you’ve been on the lookout to purchase a wall mount shop vac, look no further. We’ve reviewed dozens of models, putting them to the test. Here’s a list of key benefits of owning a wall mounted vacuum and uses in your garage.

Upgrade your car cleaning experience

Your car’s interior can take a beating. You’ve got dirt, mud, sand, leftover cheerios; you name it. Wall mounted vacuums transform ordinary car cleaning into a VIP experience. Your standard home vac is an absolute pain to clean your car’s interior quickly. You’ve got to drag it into the garage, pray that the cord is long enough to reach a socket, and constantly have to reposition the vacuum as you move around the car. Plus, most of these vacs lack the raw horsepower to effectively suck tough dirt, sand, and dust deep in your car’s interior.

Commercial wall mount vacuums are stationary and ready for use. There’s no need to lug it around the garage. Most wall mount vacuums have long hoses (greater than 30 ft.), making them easy to reach deep inside your car, truck, or SUV. Many come with carpet attachments also, making cleanup quick and easy. Finally, garage vacs have larger motors capable of much greater suction. These beasts can knock out the toughest car cleaning chores.

After you’ve detailed your car’s interior, be sure to wash your ride with our car washing guide.

Quick DIY project cleanup

For those DIY’ers out there, especially those who love woodworking and furniture projects, this is for you. Power sanders and power saws kick up a ton of dust and debris, leaving your work surfaces and garage floor an absolute mess. Are you going to keep using that old broom to sweep up the garage?

The best wall mount garage vacuum makes cleanup a breeze with these home projects. Unhook the hose, flip the power switch, and pick up sawdust and dirt in minutes. Less time cleaning up means more time back to you.

Goodbye liquid spills

Ditch the mop and paper towels to clean up liquids. Wet dry garage vacuum cleaner models are extremely handy with the occasional spill. It’s a lot easier to quickly suck up liquid than getting on your hands and knees, wiping up the mess.

Squeaky clean garage floors

No one likes a dirty garage floor filled with leaves, grass clippings, dust, and grime. You can quickly get that freshly clean and smooth concrete surface with a mounted vac. Most models come with floor attachments that cover larger surfaces and makes cleaning effortless.

Kick allergies to the curb

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, dusty garages can take their toll on your health. Plus, standard home push vacuums sometimes lack proper filtration and can kick up more dust and dirt. Most wall mount shop vacs have high-performance HEPA filtration, which catches airborne allergens, dust mites, and more.

How to Choose a Wall Mount Vacuum

There are several key features and options with a garage vacuum. Understanding these features helps empower your decision on the best vac for you and your home.

Motor Power

All vacuums are powered by an electric motor that spins a fan that creates a suction force. It’s that suction that pulls in and traps dirt particles in a bag or canister. The bigger the motor, the greater the negative pressure created. The greater the airspeed, the higher the cleaning power.

Many models list ‘watts’ to help compare motor size and power. Watts helps relate the input power the motor uses, and not the actual suction or airflow. ‘Air watts’ is a separate, and some say, better measurement of a vacuum’s overall power and suction.


The noise created when running a vacuum is measured in decibels (dB). The dB on most typically push vacuums vary 60 to 75dB. With larger motors and suction, wall mount garage vacs can be louder. However, some have built-in insulation, which cuts down some noise. Check out the listed decibel levels when shopping around.

Hose Length

How far your garage vac can reach is an important factor given these models are stationary on the wall. These vacuums are investments, and you’ll need to make sure it’ll easily reach around your garage, inside your vehicle, and more. The best wall mount garage vacuums have at least a 20 ft. hose. Any less and you’re risking cleaning versatility.

Capacity & Filtration System

Most garage vacuum models are bagless, making it a breeze to simply empty the discharge container. However, there are a few garage vacs that still use a vacuum bag. Avoid these units as they’re not as cost-effective as you need to keep purchasing new bags. Bagless vacs are just as effective.

Vacs with 4-5 gallons are well suited for medium to large size garages. 2-3 gallon models are just fine for smaller spaces.

Be on the lookout for HEPA filtration to keep allergens from flying around. These filters can trap particles down to .3 microns. You’ll breathe easier with proper filtration.

Blower Option

Most commercial wall mount vacuums can blow dirt and debris out of your garage. It’s similar to a leaf blower, makes some cleaning much faster than vacuuming. It’s also easier on your ears than using your gas-powered leaf blower in your garage; you know what I’m talking about!

Garage Vacuum FAQs

What’s the best hose length for a wall mount vac?

The best wall mount garage vacuum hoses are at least 30 ft. The extra length comes in handy when working in hard to reach areas, truck beds, etc.

What are the benefits of a detachable garage vac system?

Some models are built to detach from the wall, allowing users to move them around the garage. Some also have a wheel system to glide around. Distance traveled depends on the power cord length. However, many 4-5 gallon models are really heavy and hard to lift back into place, keep that in mind.

Do most commercial wall mount vacuums come with attachments?

Yes, most of these vacuums come with a variety of attachments to tackle small, medium, and large cleaning projects. Most also come with storage solutions for the attachments.

Where and how is the hose placed after use?

There’s no need to leave a 20+ ft hose laying on the ground. Look for garage vacs with a built-in hose management system.

Are wall mount garage vacuums safe on epoxy floors?

Yes, a garage vacuum won’t harm your epoxy or painted garage flooring. You’ll help extend the life of your epoxy flooring with less dirt and dust impacting the surface.

Do I need to worry about the power cord length?

Where you mount your garage vac determines your power cord length requirement. If you are mounting the vac near an electrical outlet, you do. However, if that’s not a centralized location for the vac, take a quick measurement of the mounting location to the power source. Then, measure again to be sure. The best wall mount garage vacuums come with power cords at least 5 ft in length.


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